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Pet Hair Remover Brush Sofa Clothes Animals Dogs Cats

Pet Hair Remover Brush Sofa Clothes Animals Dogs Cats

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Simplify your pet hair cleanup routine and enjoy a cleaner, hair-free space with our pet hair removal brush. Make life with pets more comfortable and get yours today!


 *Effortless Pet Hair Removal*: Say goodbye to stubborn pet hair on your furniture, clothing, and carpets. Our pet hair removal brush is designed to make this chore quick and effortless.

 *Effective on All Surfaces*: Whether it's your couch, car seats, bedding, or clothing, our brush is versatile and works effectively on a variety of surfaces, leaving them hair-free.

 *Ergonomic Handle*: The brush is equipped with an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in your hand, making it easy to use for extended periods without strain.

 *Self-Cleaning Technology*: No more picking hair off the brush by hand. Our brush incorporates a self-cleaning base that removes collected pet hair with a simple dip and pull motion, keeping the brush clean and ready for use.

 *Reusable and Durable*: Unlike disposable lint rollers, our brush is reusable and built to last. You'll save money and reduce waste while keeping your space clean.

 *Perfect for All Pet Owners*: Ideal for dog and cat owners alike, our brush is a must-have tool to maintain a hair-free environment while enjoying the company of your furry friends.

 *Easy to Store*: The brush is designed to be easy to store, with a convenient hanging hole for wall mounting or storing in your cleaning closet.


Size: 17*13.5cm
Green/Pink/Navy Blue Hair Removal Brush Material: Plastic
Size: 12.5*15cm

Packing list:1pcs hair removal brush


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